North Carolina

North Carolina Beach

Come with me to the playground of God,
dancing under the stars of ocean breezes,
ride the waves a million miles an hour
playfully being dropped on the beach
by a rogue wave
let it roll you, drop you, cast you away
in forever time —
I see you in space and time
a thousand miles away
leaving sadness behind
playing in the waves
of love’s divine glances
happy and carefree
when hope has filled your heart
with romance.

Note: I lived in North Carolina for 9 years, and have visited many beaches in other states, but North Carolina’s beaches are the best. The water is always warm due to the gulf stream shifting closer to the shore in March, and will stay warm until the end of September. Due to the gulf stream, one can sometimes spot tropical fishes that swim in its current. The dolphin can be seen far off in the distance jumping out of the water, and sometimes the playful fish may even follow a swimmer. The waves are perfect for riding, and when they become beautiful rolling waves, it is tranquil just floating on your back to feel the gentle up and down movement. However, there is nothing like using a boogie board to ride the waves — catching the perfect wave is the best feeling. The sense of exhilaration of speeding towards the beach makes you want to scream with joy — kind of like riding a roller coaster. Bringing a picnic lunch with beach chairs and an umbrella to the beach to me is like living in paradise. I swim, ride the waves, eat, and do it all over again until the sun begins setting. Flying kites and tying them to your beach chair so they can float in the blue sky all day long while playing frisbee at the edge of the surf is heaven’s delight.

A couple of years ago I brought a friend and her teenage son (who live in Colorado as well) for a week’s vacation at the Outer Banks. They had never been in the ocean before so were afraid to get in the water. The beach we stayed at had fairly rough surf — I was seriously tumbled a couple of times, so I looked on Dr. Beach’s website to find out which beach on the Outerbanks was best for swimming. There was a beach six miles south, so we headed there one morning. Of course I had my boogie board with me, and found the waves were ideal for riding- about 5–6 ft rolling waves. I still had difficulty getting my friend and her son in the water, but after watching me joyfully ride the waves for fifteen minutes, they couldn’t resist. That was all it took — off to a beach store to purchase more boogie boards — they were hooked. At one point we noticed a little tropical fish that was yellow and black striped swimming around my waist. The cute little fish stayed by my side the entire time I was in the water, and then when I left the water the fish swam over to my friend’s son and became his best friend.

However, my favorite N.C. beach is Bear Island. It is a drive to Swansboro past the Lejune Marine Base and then at the visitor’s center you sign up for a passenger ferry to get to the island which only takes about 15–20 minutes. From there it is a half mile hike to the beach side, and there is found the most incredible, beautiful flat beach with no development, and numerous tidal pools that little children can play in. They only allow a limited number of people on the beach for emergency purposes, so the beach is never crowded. There are shells and sand dollars to be found, and due to the flat slope of the beach, children can play on the beach side of the sandbar in shallow water with no worries. It is a state park, so there are ranger programs for children that are fun and exciting. Again, as at many other N.C. beaches the waves are usually smooth, rolling waves perfect for just simply jumping up and down in the waves, or riding.

Another favorite is Emerald Isle which is somewhat more crowded, but it lives up to its came. If a storm hasn’t passed in the previous couple of days, the water is emerald colored and crystal clear. What can I say? Allah’s ocean playgrounds are the best — come play with me, won’t you?

Hammocks Beach, Bear Island
Dolphins-at Bear Island

“Wildlife lovers celebrate the many diverse animals that call Bear Island “home.” The island is a nesting beach for sea turtles with the most often sea turtle visitor to the beach being the Loggerhead sea turtle.Between mid-May and late August, female loggerheads come ashore at night to lay their eggs above the tide line. Females nest every three to four years and lay up to six nests per year. Loggerhead sea turtles can live up to 70–80 years and can weigh up to 400 pounds, meaning a camping trip on Bear Island could yield an opportunity to see these stunning sea creatures.

Hammocks Beach State Park is also a sanctuary for migratory shore birds who feed in the tidal marshes and many other parts of the beach in the spring and fall. If you enjoy bird watching in North Carolina, view herons and egrets searching for food or watch osprey plunging into tidal creeks to capture fish to eat. You can also watch bottlenose dolphins swim serenely offshore in the distance while white-tail deer, raccoons and gray fox inhabit inland areas.

Sea oats blow in the breeze of the tall dunes while American Beachgrass and Seaside Goldenrod grow in the open areas of the park. Towards the northeast end of the island, maritime forest, also known as maritime hammocks, populated by Live Oaks, Yaupon, and Red Cedar form a picturesque canopy of trees.”




It is suffering that shoots streams of creativity out of my heart, and the brokenness of life that explodes my heart into its soul.

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Sheryl Martin

Sheryl Martin

It is suffering that shoots streams of creativity out of my heart, and the brokenness of life that explodes my heart into its soul.

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