When the Ummah works together as it should we become as a strong rope that cannot be broken. We are a nation of differing countries, races, and languages united by the Truth but which is still difficult to hold together when cultural differences create negative judgements. Imagine a beautifully designed rug intricately designed resplendent with color and pattern shaped by the loving Hand of our Master Craftsman. Our uniqueness is an aspect of the multiplicity of Allah, whether as individuals or tribes, nations, races and cultural identities.

Look closely at this most beautiful of rugs and marvel at the craftsmanship. The rich colors and the complexity of the design — the supreme woven relationship between each colored thread and the incredible pattern that is marvelous in our sight. The Qur’an teaches us Allah made us thus and we are to “get to know one another.” Look for the beauty in each individual and within their culture. Marvel at its uniqueness as an important aspect of Allah’s intentional Purpose.

When one culture imagines itself better than others, then the beauty is lost within the darkness of arrogance and hatred. When an individual, tribe, country, or religion believes it is better than the others, then it is no longer possible to hold on to the rope together. Human reality then falls apart into dispersion away from the Almighty and each other into isolation and despair. Unfortunately, this is what is presently occurring around world.

What is this sickness? It is falling away from Allah by continually looking to self interest and not seeing the beauty of Allah in others. It is replacing compassion with rejection, and piety with the hierarchy of the Dunya.

Hold fast to the rope together so all are not lost. Please help your brother or sister hold on when they are in need, strengthen the rope individually and collectively, and then strength and unity will be regained — alhamdullilah!




It is suffering that shoots streams of creativity out of my heart, and the brokenness of life that explodes my heart into its soul.

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Sheryl Martin

Sheryl Martin

It is suffering that shoots streams of creativity out of my heart, and the brokenness of life that explodes my heart into its soul.

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